Software Development Tools and Services for Embedded Systems Engineers and Enterprise Software Developers

RTPatch® is binary diff patch technology and the foundation of a group of software development tools and services that enable embedded systems engineers and enterprise software developers to efficiently update their binary code (software) and data, with only the changes. RTPatch binary patch files consistently reduce bandwidth requirements for updates by over 90%, using patented byte-level differencing algorithms, making it ideal for very large and/or frequently updated files.

  • RTPatch for Embedded Systems is a specialized version of RTPatch with reduced code footprint and minimal memory requirements. Licenses are provided with complete source code for the embedded module, and is pre-ported for commonly used commercial off-the-shelf embedded OS'es such as Android, iTRON, Linux, QNX, ThreadX, VxWorks, Windows Embedded, etc. Further, with the reduced footprint port, RTPatch can be used on virtually any OS that supports C compilation, including non-POSIX environments, those lacking a filesystem, etc.
  • RTPatch for Desktop/Server Systems supports all major Microsoft operating systems from DOS to Windows 10, Linux, Unix and OS X (Leopard+). First released in 1991, RTPatch for Desktop/Server Systems is the gold standard for software and data updates and upgrades, with over a million RTPatch binary patch files applied daily.
  • RTPatch for Mobile Systems supports Android, iOS and Windows based tablets and smartphones, enabling mobile software developers to efficiently update software and data with only the byte-level changes.

Postulate5® When RTPatch's binary diff algorithm executed more slowly on an 8 physical core machine than on a single core machine, we created Postulate5 to successfully increase the binary diff engine speed by a factor of 4-7x. Current tests on a 16 physical core machine increases speed by 5-15x. The Postulate5 multicore library is now available as a standalone software tool for use in Windows x86 based applications. Please contact us regarding other platforms.