Update Direct for Android - Add Self-Updating Capabilities to Your Privately Distributed Android Apps

Update Direct for Android enables developers who have chosen to take advantage of Google's open distribution policy to embed self-updating capabilities directly into their privately distributed, off-market Android apps.

  • Clients automatically check for new updates at your specified intervals -- the update process is very similar in look and feel to that of a standard Google Play-maintained app
  • Update Direct for Android is available as a stand-alone license, or as an add-on to RTPatch for Android

  • Java code is rendered for you, based on your settings, making it easy to enable your app with minimal coding
  • Automatic creation of updates. Simply point to your updated APK, and the update is automatically created and ready for hosting on your site.
  • 2048-bit RSA encryption to safeguard your apps and data
  • No server-side software required. You host encrypted APK's and updates on your own web site
  • Client authentication (requires PHP and SQL on your web server; included feature, but use is optional)
  • Ability to revoke a client's rights to update
  • Support for a variety of update interfaces, including mandatory updates, notice-only and update/ignore option for clients
  • All tools can be scripted into your build environment for unattended publishing of new updates
  • Great for private Beta tests - enable rapid self-updating of privately distributed Beta releases, without the use of the conventional Android markets, allowing greater control over your Beta releases.
  • RTPatch byte-level differencing reduces update sizes by 90-99%, which not only reduced bandwidth requirements for updates, but also adds an additional layer of security to your update process (updates are useless without the original APK installation).
  • Available as a stand-alone license, or as an add-on to RTPatch for Android.
  • Update from the Google Cloud: Google App Engine fully supported