Case Study: Clarion

Clarion has announced two new navigation systems, the NX612 and NX712, that feature "Smart Access" Cloud-based telematics service, utilizing RTPatch.

Through the use of RTPatch, "Smart Access" is able to reduce software and data updates by up to 99%, enabling more frequent updating, which will aid in providing additional value to the consumer, even after purchase.1

Mr. Hiroyuki Mori of the Design Department Division of Clarion comments that RTPatch was selected for its proven track record, in order to quickly and reliably update the software of the NX612 and NX712 devices, ultimately leading to greater end-user satisfaction.2

Clarion's adoption of RTPatch was led by Pocket Soft's exclusive Japanese Sales Partner, Monet (President Hiroaki Maeno), and its network of sales and technical partnerships.

1Clarion's Press Release
2Monet's Press Release (PDF; Japanese)