Auto RTPatch Feature

Auto RTPatch is a Windows-only feature that enables you to distribute updates to end-users with minimal coding and hassle. Auto RTPatch is feature-rich enough to be offered as a stand-alone product, but is included with all RTPatch licenses (Windows only). Some of the many features of Auto RTPatch:
  • Automatically determines the client version, downloading and installing only the necessary patch files until the client is completely up-to-date.
  • Control when updates are downloaded, e.g., configure Auto RTPatch to only update during off-peak hours.
  • Download-resume large patch files on error for maximum efficiency.
  • Specify a mirror site for patch file redundancy.
  • Option to silently update, with no end-user involvement.
  • Optionally grant your end-users the ability to:
    • not update
    • update immediately
    • schedule an update for later
    • browse to a specified URL for more info
    • check to see if the publisher is authenticated
  • Works with non-RTPatch executable updates-- for example, a self-extracting zip file.
  • Run as a service, which allows automatic updates to continue even if no user is currently logged on.
  • Set different locations (URLs) and unique update frequencies for each component of your application.
  • May be combined with e-commerce capability to sell and distribute paid updates.
  • API option for complete customization.