RTPatch Automotive Edition

The Automotive Edition of deeply embedded RTPatch is MISRA C:2012 compliant and is ISO 26262 compliant as either a Proven in Use component or a Safety Element out of Context.

Pocket Soft engaged the services of a respected leader in coding standards compliance to perform an independent, third-party code audit in order to determine the applicability of the ISO 26262 standard to RTPatch. Following their recommendation, Pocket Soft adopted industry standard static code analysis to ensure the highest level of reliability in the client-resident code. Our static code analysis is performed using the MISRA C:2012 guidelines; the latest and strictest edition of MISRA C, which satisfies the guidelines set forth in the ISO 26262 standard with regards to software (section 6). All mandatory rules are followed, and all deviations from recommended standards are documented in source code and logged to a stand-alone spreadsheet available to our customers. In addition, Pocket Soft makes available to our ISO 26262 customers the documentation necessary to use RTPatch as either a SEooC or a software component, re-used with a COTS Proven-in-Use argument. By following industry best-practices, the code development guidelines specified in the ISO 26262 standard, and utilizing the static code analysis for MISRA-C:2012, Pocket Soft demonstrates its commitment to developing reliable and robust solutions that are both safe and highly portable.

Business Benefits

  • RTPatch was designed to have low sensitivity to platforms, operating systems and other software components. This can have significant impact on integration and time to market.
  • RTPatch is used in many industries where efficient software updating is a business necessity. RTPatch is used in mission critical applications in aerospace, defense and other industries. This provides a basis of proven technology that can be applied to the automotive market.