RTPatch Embedded

RTPatch Embedded is a component designed for inclusion in custom embedded solutions. Reasons to use RTPatch Embedded:
  • Same features and bandwidth reduction (90-99%) found in RTPatch Build
  • Proven safe and reliable. The core algorithms are the same for all RTPatch products, so the technology used in your embedded product benefits from the same 24+ year track record.
  • Can be run in an environment without a filesystem
  • Supports non-POSIX operating systems
  • Lowers development costs:
    • Robust feature set keeps your development costs low
    • For application that requires customizations, Pocket Soft has the experience and resources to deliver on spec and on time.
  • License flexibility that is unmatched in the industry
  • IP security:
    • RTPatch software is 100% written and owned by Pocket Soft, with no third-party code, licenses or other encumbrances.
    • RTPatch is protected by US patents, 6,626,574, 7,143,115 and 8,386,527.
    • Apply source code (the part that is embedded in the target device) is provided standard in all license, and full source code escrow is available.
  • Source code is in C and multiple customized source code ports are available, including ANSI C, VxWorks ported, Linux, Android, Windows Embedded (CE), Windows, etc.
  • Low resource port available for deeply embedded (low resource) applications.