RTPatch for Desktops, Workstations and Servers

For over 20 years, RTPatch has been used by ISVs to update massively distributed software applications on desktops, workstations and servers. RTPatch is supported on all Microsoft operating systems since DOS to current desktop/server variations of Windows; OS X, and Linux/Unix variations, with specialized features for each platform. Cross-platform usage is also supported (build patch file on oneplatform, apply on a different platform). Some specialized features:

Linux and UNIX
  • Apply ANSI C source code, ported for compilation on Linux and UNIX.
  • Pre-compiled binaries for Linux.
  • Advanced support for hard and soft links, common on these platforms .
  • Optional support for extended attributes
  • Suitable for embedded applications as well.


  • Automatic application location based on BundleID
  • Apply library for creating customized Apply front-ends, or to integrate patch application into your own product
  • Create self-applying patch files in DMG format, with customizable interface, prompts and patch descriptions (see screenshot below)
  • Advanced hard and soft link support
  • Supports Leopard and higher


  • Add automatic update capabilities to your software with Auto RTPatch
  • Apply patch files under User Access Control, without the need for Administrator level rights, even if targeting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, the "Program Files" directory, etc.
  • Easily create self-applying patch file executables with customizable GUI interfaces
  • Modify the user's registry
  • Self-Register a file at apply time
  • Add or delete a shared file
  • Handle "bound" executables
  • UNICODE Support
  • Use the RecycleBin for deleted files
  • Delayed patching support for locked files
  • Use a registry or INI setting to identify the install path(s)
  • Support for Microsoft operating systems since DOS