RTPatch for Smartphone and Tablets

Mobile app developers targeting Android and iOS can use RTPatch to create bandwidth-friendly updates for their distributes firmware, code and data:
  • Supports tablet and smartphone platforms: Android and iOS
  • Pre-compiled binaries for all platforms and hardware options
  • Includes Apply source code, pre-ported and specialized for each platform
  • Also suitable for embedded applications (non-smartphone/tablet applications)
  • Additionalspecialized features for Android
    • Java-to-C shim (glue layer) included to make it easy to call the Apply engine from an Android SDK developed application
    • Specialized Java routines available to patch APK installation files directly
    • Supports ARM (armeabi and armeabi-v7a), MIPS (R1 and R2) and x86 platforms
    • Add automatic update capabilities to your software with Update Direct for Android