RTPatch in the Game Industry

RTPatch is useful wherever software and data needs to be updated, so our customers come from every possible industry imaginable. But game developers, in particular, have embraced RTPatch for its ability to dramatically reduce the size of their massive game updates, and to do so with uncompromising reliability.

If you are a game developer or just a player of games, chances are, you've received an RTPatch.

RTPatch helps game developers to:
  • create game patches that are reduced in size by 90-99%
  • distribute bug fixes, new levels, game modifications and feature additions
  • provide automatic game updates
  • create web-delivered and standalone EXE patch updates to meet the needs of both interactive updating, as well as archiving updates for years to come, and sharing with patch distribution portals
  • publish patch files that are pirate- and crack-unfriendly - an RTPatch can only be applied to an unmodified copy of your game
  • reduce server load during peak hours, by reducing update size significantly
You are in good company:
The first PC Game user of RTPatch was id Software for DOOM. A partial list of users since, with more added every week:

2015, 3D Realms, 3DO, Acony Games, Activision, Allm, AniPark, Apogee, Arcadia, Army Games, Asobo Studios, Atari, Autodesk Scaleform, Balanced Worlds, Bethesda Softworks, BigBug Studio, BioWare, Blizzard Entertainment, Blueside, Bungie Studios, CCP Games, Cliffhanger, Cyberlore, Danal Entertainment, Doobic, Dragonfly, DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, EMOBI Games, Ensemble Studios, ePLAYON, Eyedentity, Frogwares, Gamania, Gamesoma, Gas Powered Games, Gearbox Software, Gizmo Games, Golfzon, Gravity, Hi-Rez Studios, id Software, Ignite Game Technologies, Invasions Interactive, Iron Lore Entertainment, Kabam, KAOS Studios, KingsIsle Entertainment, KTH, Lead Pursuit, Light Vision Interactive, Liquid Entertainment, Liongames, Liveplex, LucasArts, Maxis, Microsoft Game Studios, Midway Home Entertainment, MKO Games, Mogu Games, Movon, My New Children, Namco Bandai Games America, NC Soft, NCTrue, Ndoors, Neople, New World Computing, Nexon, Norseman Games, Nurien, Nvius, Obsidian Entertainment, Origin, Outspark, Pandemic Studios, Pearl Abyss, PENTAVISION Entertainment, Petroglyph Games, Phosphor Games, Pluto Games, Popcap, Raven Software, Reakktor, Red 5 Studios, Red Storm Entertainment, Redduck, Real U, Relentless, Rockstar Games, Sega, SG Internet, Sonic Ant, Sierra Entertainment, Sirius Entertainment, Slightly Mad Studios, Softmax, Stainless Steel Studios, Star Vault, Stardock, Tencent, Terminal Reality, TimeGate Studios, Ubisoft, Virtual Toys, WEBZEN, WeMade, Westwood Studios, Wolfpack Studios, Yedang Online, Ymir Entertainment, Zenimax